There are lots of ways you can promote your virtual business or club with the various products and services offered by Voodoo.

Advertise your products, services or events

Hundreds of people of all languages who use virtual worlds, see our homepage everyday, so it's a great place to post an advert for something. Remember to add a link to a marketplace url, or a SLURL or website to make sure people can find you, and it's often more effective to add a picture to your post so that it stands out.

In world we have large active groups for Voodoo product owners advertising, you'll be invited to the groups when you make a purchase.

A Voodoo Votebox is another great way to get your location listed on our homepage.

Get visitors to a location

The Voodoo Sploder is the best way to get immediate visitors to your virtual location.

The traffic aid game has been adapted recently to comply with Linden Labs skill gaming policy, so it can be used on any region in Second Life. It's controlled on the web by the owner or manager and can create an instant party. It's best to interact with your guests for the best results, and the system is protected and monitored to prevent cheating.


Build your group members

The screen grab shows the Voodoo Sploder web control panel which has many features. To build group members you would set your Sploder to group only, and then set the group in "edit" on the device in world. Visitors will then need to be a member of your group to play the Sploder.