Why am I banned by Voodoo?

There are lots of reasons you may of been banned by Voodoo, it happens all the time and it's nothing to worry about.

Contact Voodoo Support and be honest to find out what went wrong, and then get unbanned.


Sometimes it's a mistake!

We ban avatars from playing Voodoo Sploders when our systems detect they have tried to play with more than one avatar, but due to the complex nature of the internet and networks, it is impossible to tell for sure if it's the same person behind both avatars, so our system bans when this seems the most likely possibility. We're not always right.


You tried to cheat whilst playing a Voodoo Sploder

The Voodoo Sploder is allowed to be played on multiple grids at the same time (eg. Second Life and Adult Grid), but not by two avatars controlled by the same person in the same grid. If our systems detect this, you will be banned.

You can only participate with one avatar at a time per connection in any kind of money game on voodoo protected land. This includes sploder, contest, fishing, crystals, money giver and anything else that gives out money.

If you want to switch the avatar you are playing make sure you give time so the first player has cleared the system in cases of slow connections. If friends or family are playing from the same connection you need to communicate with them about playing times.

One avatar at a time.


You griefed other people

Griefing is a wide term used to describe causing problems for someone online, and our Voodoo Security device is designed to remove trouble makers from locations quickly before they can cause problems, so you may of been banned for some kind of attack.

Any actions that will cause problems for the other people, including (but not limited to) defamation, pushing, verbal abuse, spam, excessive lag, weapons in safe sims and any other offensive behavior.

Voodoo supports Second Life Terms of Service and Community Standards. In addition to those, we have our own standards and expect people to be respectful.


You are suspected in or using a scripted avatar(bot)

Voodoo bans bots. Scripted avatars that appear to be running without the assistance of a human. 


You were using some anon service during activities with verification

Anonymizing services like proxy or VPN are NOT allowed when using voodoo services. Please make sure your proxies are turned off before using Voodoo services to avoid problems.

If you are using a mobile device, it needs to be connected to your home WIFI.  Roaming WIFI is a proxy and will be banned.

(Proxy users are suspected in using multiple avatars or in aiming to attack our services so we have to stop such)


You gave your verification link to other resident or opened link of other person

Never share the verification link. Do not ever give out yours and do not click on somebody else's. It will cause lots of problems for yourself and the other person.


If you violate any of the above rules you will find yourself banned in the voodoo system and will need the help of voodoo support staff. Talk to us either at the main store or create a support ticket. Most ban cases are resolved in a short time. If you violate the rules repeatedly you will find yourself on voodoo ban for longer times and in the end risk a permanent ban.
Be honest and play fair.

The Voodoo Support team is online most of the time, contact them for more information.