Why doesn't my Voodoo Sploder work?

The Voodoo Sploder is a complex animal and sometimes things can go wrong :(


You might need to get a free upgrade to the latest version!

There have been many new versions of the Voodoo Sploder released over the years, sometimes to fix bugs, or sometimes due to a domain or architecture change, or most recently to comply with new terms of service from grid providers. You should always use the latest version as older versions may stop functioning. Contact Voodoo Support for a free upgrade.


There could be a technical problem on the grid

OpenSim and Second Life software isn't perfect, it's always pushing the boundaries and sometimes things can break in-world. A common problem for Voodoo products is when a simulator ceases connectivity with our server. These problems can often be resolved by re-rezzing the product, restarting the region, or in the worst case scenario contacting the grid provider for technical help with the region.


There could be a technical problem with our server

Voodoo servers are behind a DDOS protected content delivery network, and our hosting provider guarantees 99.99% up-time, but even then things can go wrong, or we may be in maintenance, so contact Voodoo Support for information regarding any current issues.