Thank you for purchasing or upgrading to Voodoo Sploder 2.1


After you open the box and rez your Voodoo Sploder, it is ready to go. The group in which your Voodoo Sploder is - is the group which players have to be in to play, preferably one with open enrollment. If it is closed enrollment, be sure someone is always there to offer people your group. After you rez your Voodoo Sploder, and add funds to its pot (how to add is described lower), your place will be on the tracker automatically, and the people will come :)

The money you pay into the Voodoo Sploder are kept on your avatar's account, but will be withdrawn when it pays the players.

You can follow the progress of your Voodoo Sploder at the web site:
or by getting a free tracker hud:
This is also a great way to plan your Voodoo Sploder, to get the most from your linden/traffic ratio.


A lot has changed since the previous version of the Voodoo Sploder, so below are some instructions to help get you started.

* We have changed the Voodoo Sploder in a way which excludes it from Linden Labs "Skill Gaming" definition, so it can continue to be used on any standard region without restriction.


Where is the 'Config' notecard?

The first change you will notice, if you are used to older versions is that you can no longer configure your Voodoo Sploder with the notecard inside it. All the old settings are still available, but you now set these in a control panel on our website.


STEP 1: Register for a Voodoo account

The first thing you need is a Voodoo account, so visit the link below to register.

After registering you will receive an email with a link to confirm your registration, click it and sign into your new account.

(its better not to use bulk email box, because later you can lose ability to recover your web account)


STEP 2: Link your avatar to your Voodoo account

In your Voodoo Sploder package, is a board called "Link Your Avatar" (the board is also at the Voodoo mainstore).

Rez your board, and click it to receive a code and a web link.

Visit the link and enter your code to securely link your avatar to your Voodoo account.


STEP 3: Configure and start your Voodoo Sploder

After signing into your web account, your Voodoo Sploder will appear in the "Voodoo Products" section.

You can manage your Voodoo Sploder in real time, like never before!

You can even run Voodoo Sploder when you're not logged into Second Life, or from your mobile device!


* Here are some more detailed information on the settings options.

Upload Image
Here you can upload image for your Voodoo Sploder - it'll be shown on web tracker as your location's logo.

You can add managers, if you have no time to manage Voodoo Sploder by yourself. Avatars, which you want to add as managers, must have Voodoo Web Account and be in friends list of your Voodoo Web Account. All payment going from your balance, so ,when you add managers, you set limits for them such as: Maximum Amount of prize managers can set and How Many Times Per Day they can set.

(before adding manager to your dashboard, please think, if you'd better purchase a Tip Jar add-on for Voodoo Sploder at our in-world store)

Voodoo Sploder Tip Jar add-on
With the Tip Jar for Voodoo Sploder you won't need managers on dashboard, because it enables anyone to tip the Voodoo Sploder's pot directly through this add-on, 100% from tips paid into this jar add-on are going into the Voodoo Sploder's pot. The Tip Jar add-on connects to the nearest Voodoo Sploder in the region, even to Voodoo Sploders of other avatars, so make sure you rez it near the correct one. The Tip Jar for Voodoo Sploder also writes to whose sploder it is connected after you accept debit perms, please be attentive to this. When you re-rez your Voodoo Sploder, do not forget to re-rez this add-on too.

This stops bots, cheaters and griefers that we have banned from entering your Voodoo Sploder. If you don't want this feature, change the "on" to "off" on the config panel.

This makes sure the avatar entering your Voodoo Sploder, isn't in another Voodoo Sploder somewhere on the grid (Double Play). If you don't want this feature, change the "on" to "off" on the config panel.

You can turn off the tracking on your Voodoo Sploder, if you wish to keep it for a private party. Note that, if the Time Barrier is active, this feature is controlled by it.

Time Barrier
This feature will help you to stop last minute comers from participating, giving a barrier period of 20% from your Start Time preset, after which player won't be able to join. When this barrier period comes, your Voodoo Sploder becomes hidden from tracker and players, trying to enter after this barrier time, won't be able to do so. Note that this feature is enabled on auto with active Anti-AFK.

This makes the avatars wear your group tag to enter the Voodoo Sploder. Group must be available for this. If you don't want this feature, change the "on" to "off" on the config panel.

Turn this on, if you wish to keep your guests from going afk. This option helps to keep your guests active and participating in any group activity you have. Note that in some cases this feature is enabled on auto to prevent bot-like avatars participation (e.g. a: when Verify disabled and Anti-Bot enabled; b: when Auto Refill is set in continuous mode or with repeats set to more than 5 times).

This feature works only if you own Voodoo Trivia Machine!
Brings more fun and interactivity to your Voodoo Sploder and lets your players, who participates, to get bonus for answering correct. Or you can use Voodoo Trivia Machine in standalone mode and it'll pay amount of prize you set on each correct answer.

This feature works only if you own a Voodoo Sploder Dance Machine Add-On!
Voodoo Sploder Dance Machine Add-On works with Voodoo Sploder, encouraging everyone to dance and giving a bonus to players. Bonus is calculated from existing pot in your Voodoo Sploder.

Start Time
1800 seconds - this is the most used time setting. You can change it to as much as 3500 seconds, or as little as you want. Know that if you do go with more, people may not come running until the timer gets lower. Set it too low, and people won't have time to enter.

Max Clicks
The Click Threshold disqualifies avatars who mass click, or power click the Voodoo Sploder. The Voodoo Sploder comes with the default setting of 8 clicks, but you can set it however you like (not less then 4 and not more than 16).

Push Away
This will stop avatars from "hugging" the Voodoo Sploder and push them a couple of meters away, if active.

Pay Sploder
Here you add amount for prize.

(optionally we have created the Tip Jar for Voodoo Sploder through which anyone can add funds to the Voodoo Sploder's pot, this add-on is available at our inworld strore)

Auto Refill
We usually advise owners to keep Auto Refill off, because putting it on will automatically pay the Voodoo Sploder after each round continuously or during a number of rounds you set it to. This can lead to not having enough money in your account to pay the sploder. In this case, we must disable tracking so that players do not come for that Voodoo Sploder and then fail to get paid. However, if you need to be away for a period of time you can use Auto Refill. 
Here your options are: whisper, say or shout.

* If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any support member or use support section menu to create tickets.